Fee payment options

We apply fees for some of the services we offer to the aviation industry. These include fees for licences and ratings, permits and exemptions, medicals, and operator approvals.

You can find out more about when and how we we charge fees.

Online payment options

There are a range of services you can now pay for online.

Medical records system (MRS)

You can pay for your medical certificate directly through the online MRS.

myCASA portal

You can pay for many fixed fee services when you apply for them through the myCASA portal, including:

  • licence applications
  • registrations for aircraft and drones
  • certificates and renewals.

Online payment facility

When you can't use the systems above, you can still pay for most fixed fee services online using our secure payment portal.

This includes fees for aircraft registration, flight crew licences, and maintenance licences.

To pay online, use the payment details on the application form. Pay for all services that are part of your application.

  1. Choose the service category

    Select the service category from the drop-down list and select ‘add’. You will see the service appear in the table.

  2. Select the regulatory service

    In the table, choose the form for the regulatory service you are paying for. The fee code and unit price will appear.

    If you need to pay for more than one of the same service, change the quantity in the drop-down list under QTY.

  3. Enter your ARN and details

    Enter the aviation reference number (ARN) and name of the applicant for the regulatory service. For an organisation, enter the name of the organisation for that ARN in the family name column. 

    If you want to pay for more services in a different category, choose the category from the drop-down list at the top of the page and select 'add'. Repeat steps 2 to 3 until you have added all the fees you need to pay.

  4. Confirm payment

    When you have finished adding all the services you need to pay for, select 'next'. Check you have entered all the details correctly before you confirm payment.

If the payment is successful, we will email the receipt to you. Make sure you have provided an email address if you need a payment receipt.

You must attach a copy of the payment receipt to your application form(s) before sending to us.

It can take the bank up to 48 hours to process your payment. We will start assessing your application once funds have cleared.

Manual credit card payments

If you cannot pay online, you can provide credit card details on the payment authorisation page on your application form.

You can also call us for any manual payments.

Last updated:
9 May 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/fee-payment-options
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