Find an authorised person for design approval

Use this listing to find holders of an Instrument of Appointment (IoA) under CASR Subpart 21.M who can perform certain approval design activities.

CASR Subpart 21.M IoA search

The listing includes details for:

  • contact details for companies, partnerships and individuals
  • technical specialisations.

We update the listing according to our current records.

Use the filters to narrow down your search results by:

  • state or territory
  • service.

Note: IoA holders can only approve designs of modifications and repairs. They cannot approve the design of products or parts in accordance with CASR Part 21.

Despite our best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the listing, we are not able to guarantee that any person listed can exercise powers as an IoA under regulation/s.

Before you hire an IoA holder

If you use the services of an Instrument of Appointment holder, you should confirm that:

  • their instrument of appointment is current
  • the scope of the instrument is relevant and adequate to cover approval of your design.
Last updated:
6 Dec 2021
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