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CASA Director outlines new branch details. More information in the latest CASA Briefing newsletter.

We’re looking for doctors to take part in our exciting new training program. Apply now.

We have now considered and addressed all of the recommendations made to us in the review.

Upcoming events


  • Learn about the new rules we have introduced to promote safe flight crew fatigue management.

  • Medical certification information for pilots, air traffic controllers, DAMEs and medical specialists.

  • Stay OnTrack with CASA’s VFR pre-flight planning tool for both fixed- and rotary-wing pilots.

  • We have recently introduced a licensing suite of regulations – Parts 61, 64, 141 and 142 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

  • Understand how we are implementing the new aviation rules and what this means for you.

  • Discover how airspace capacity is being transformed and learn about your responsibilities.