CASA pay and benefits

We are a Commonwealth corporation established under the Civil Aviation Act 1988 (Cth) to regulate aviation safety in Australia. It is not an Australian Public Service (APS) agency.

Our classifications may look a little different but are based on the duties you are required to be perform in the role.

Find out more about our classifications.

We have roles at any stage of your career, including when:

  • starting your career
  • looking to take your skills to the next level
  • transferring your skills.

Salary and pay rates

We offer competitive salaries with access to:

  • annual salary progression
  • 15.4% superannuation
  • flexible work options for most roles
  • comprehensive training on commencement.

The Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026 sets out our employment terms and conditions.

Entitlements and allowances

Our employees can access leave provisions including:

  • 20 days annual leave each year
  • the opportunity to purchase extra annual leave
  • 18 days personal/carers leave each year
  • up to 14 weeks paid paternity/adoption/fostering leave
  • paid standdown between Christmas and New Year
  • options to apply for leave without pay.


Standard working hours

A standard working week of 37.5 hours

Flexible arrangements

Flexible work arrangements are role dependent and may include:

  • part-time work
  • job sharing
  • compressed hours
  • home-based work
  • negotiated time off in lieu for executive level employees.

Flex time

We offer flex time in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026. It is available to employees up to and including the Corporate Services Level 3 (APS level 1-6 equivalent).

Employees can access flex time, allowing them to accumulate additional hours (above the standard 7.5 hour working day). You can exchange flex time for time off.

Study leave

Employees undertaking study relevant to their work are eligible to apply for paid study leave.

Transferring leave from an APS agency

We recognise previous government service. If you are an APS employee who moves to CASA without a break in service, we will transfer your unused:

  • accrued annual leave
  • personal leave
  • long service leave (if applicable).

Relocation assistance

We may provide relocation assistance to eligible employees required to relocate. The level of assistance will vary depending on the reason for relocating and personal circumstance.

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8 Sep 2023
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