Apply for a change to an approved design organisation

Approved design organisations (ADOs) must apply to CASA to make certain changes to the business or their scope. ADOs must communicate other changes to CASA within a certain timeframe.

The organisation Approved Design Organisation Exposition (ADOE) will include the notification requirements.

How to apply for a change to an approved design organisation

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    • your organisation details
    • Form 004 application for nominated personnel approval application (for a new Accountable Manager or Head of Design)
    • your agent's details (if you are using one)
    • the change in design activities you want approval for (if applicable)
    • subcontractor details (if changing)
    • a revised ADOE or DASM (if changed)
    • procedures for design activities (if changed)
    • your proposed organisational structure (if changed)
    • your aviation reference number (ARN) and the ARNs of anyone listed on the application.
  2. Complete the appropriate form

    Use Form 21-J01 application grant or re-issue of approval to apply for the following changes to an ADO:

    • business name
    • business/main physical address
    • scope.

    Use Form 21-J02 application for change to approved design organisation under CASR (1998) Subpart 21.J to apply for the following changes to an ADO:

    • nomination of Accountable Manager (you must also complete and submit Form 004)
    • nomination of Head of Design (you must also complete and submit Form 004)
    • appointment of key persons other than Accountable Manager and Head of Design
    • postal address
    • contact details
    • other changes to the ADOE or related manuals or procedures that will not result in the reissue of your approval certificate.

    We gather and store your information according to our privacy statement.

  3. Submit the form

    Submit your application along with any required supporting documents to us. Email or post your completed application using the details on the form.

  4. After you submit the form

    We will review your application to ensure it is correct and complete. We will contact you if we need more information.

  5. Pay the fee

    We will provide a fee estimation after we have received your application. Note that not all changes attract a fee. Refer to Form 21-J01 and Form 21-J02 for guidance.

    You must pay the fee before we can process your application.

  6. Assessment

    Assessment timeframes vary and rely on:

    • when we receive your payment
    • the quality of your documents
    • the availability of our resources.

    We will need to interview a new Accountable Manager or Head of Design. We may need to interview other key persons or perform an on-site inspection depending on the changes requested.

    If you meet the regulatory requirements, we will issue a revised approval certificate where necessary. If the approval certificate does not need updating, we will issue a formal notification of approval of the change.

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24 Sep 2021
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