Delegate management notification system

The Delegate Management Notification System (DMNS) is a simple and user-friendly web-based system. It is used to capture useful real-time information about services provided to the aviation industry.

Who must use the DMNS?

DMNS reporting is mandatory for delegates holding any of the following powers and functions:

  • CAR 29A
  • CAR 42M
  • CAR 42R
  • CAR 42ZC(6)
  • CAR 42ZC(7)
  • CASR 21.176
  • CASR 21.195A
  • CASR 21.200
  • CASR 21.324
  • CASR 91.875(2)(f)
  • CASR 91.875(2)(e)(ii)
  • CASR 91.920(1)(b)(iv) 
  • CASR 91.920(2)(b)(ii) 
  • CASR 91.935(4)
  • CASR 91.940(4)
  • CASR 91.945(3)

If you hold any of these powers or functions, you will need to:

  • enter basic standardised job details before exercising a delegation
  • enter basic completion details after exercising a delegation.

Accessing the DMNS

CASA gives login details to delegates who need to use the DMNS. If you have not received your login and need to use the system, contact Delegate Management.

For more information on using the system read the DMNS booklet.

Why we use the DMNS

CASA will use the information captured in the DMNS to support the ongoing management of delegate activities, through:

  • effective targeting of training and oversight
  • objective assessments of the need to appoint new (or maintain existing) delegates
  • identification of safety-related trends and risk factors.

CASA's Delegate Management team manages the DMNS.

Delegate management

Delegate Management provides standardisation to the delegate community by:

  • being a point of contact for advice and support
  • maintaining policy and procedures relating to delegates (including entry control criteria)
  • coordinating instrument drafting activities
  • providing ongoing oversight advice to operational groups.

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5 May 2022
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