Data files for registered aircraft

We provide access to data of registered aircraft in the Australian Civil Aircraft Register.

See updated data files to view data on aircraft that since 2000 has:

  • been added or returned to the register
  • had a change of registration holder, operator or mark
  • been cancelled from the register.

Tips to download the files

For help to download and export data files, see:

Data integrity

If any of the information in the data files or reports is incorrect, please contact us with the correct information.

Data files


  • acrftreg.csv approximately 7.6MB comma-delimited text file
  • approximately 1MB zip compressed version of the text file

2023 - end of year

2022 - end of year

2021 - end of year

2020 - end of year

2019 - end of year

2018 - end of year

Update data files

The format of the update data files changed on 22 January 2007. All years are now combined into a single file rather than the year by year structure used previously. The fields in the combined reports are identical to the fields in the most recent individual reports.

These files are in CSV format. Right-select on the link to download the file.


Aircraft register information

We do not guarantee the accuracy of aircraft registration information published on our website.

We source the information from our data files and registration documents lodged by aircraft owners and operators.

We do not always publish all the information in the data files in line with regulations 47.030 and 47.080 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

For privacy reasons, we may choose not to publish personal information.

Aircraft maximum take-off weight

Maximum take-off weights (MTOW) for aircrafts displayed in our data files reflect the weight applicable to new aircraft. This may not reflect the weight currently approved for a particular aircraft.

Airspace and aerodrome operators should not rely on this data for billing or costing purposes. Parties who rely on specified weights in the data file do so at their own risk.

We accept no responsibility for financial disputes between parties that may arise from MTOW issues.

Certificate of airworthiness

The Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) information captured in our data files, may not reflect the current status of relevant aircraft.

The CofA category published for an aircraft reflects what it was initially assigned. You should not rely on the data files to determine whether the CofA is current or the aircraft is in an airworthy condition.

ICAO type designations

We accept no responsibility for errors regarding the published designators in the data files. Refer to the ICAO Type Designator for an aircraft.

If you find any incorrect information, contact the Aircraft Register.

Registration holder and registered operator commencement dates

We record the commencement dates for the registration holder and registration operator against relevant aircraft of the Australian Civil Aircraft Register.

These dates may not reflect the date that:

  • transfer of title occurred
  • the date a registration holder appointed a particular registered operator.
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