Data files for registered aircraft

We provide access to data of registered aircraft in the Australian Civil Aircraft Register.

See updated data files to view data on aircraft. Data records start from the year 2000 and include data on:

  • added or returned aircraft to the register
  • change of registration holder, operator or mark
  • aircraft registrations cancelled from the register.

Tips to download the files

For help to download and export data files, see:

Data integrity

If any of the information in the data files or reports is incorrect, please contact us with the correct information.

Data files


  • acrftreg.csv approximately 7.6MB comma-delimited text file
  • approximately 1MB zip compressed version of the text file

2023 - end of year

2022 - end of year

2021 - end of year

2020 - end of year

2019 - end of year

2018 - end of year

Update data files

The fields in the combined reports are identical to the fields in the most recent individual reports:

These files are in CSV format. If you are on desktop, right-select on the link to download the file.

Aircraft register information

We source the information from our data files and registration documentation. CASR 47.030 requires CASA to publish or make available data relating to the civil register.

Owner and operator

The owner or operator for registration is not necessarily related to the title of the aircraft. CASR 47.055 details that a registration certificate does not provide evidence of a legal or beneficial property interest.

There can only be one owner for registration regardless of multiple co-owners for the aircraft. You can find this requirement in CASR 47.020.

Aircraft maximum take-off weight

Maximum take-off weights (MTOW) for aircraft displayed in our data files reflect the weight as applicable to the type certificate. The MTOW may change at times if there are changes applied to the type.

We accept no responsibility for financial disputes between parties that may arise from MTOW issues.

Certificate of airworthiness

The Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) verifies the aircraft complies with its type design and airworthy. The certificate remains valid until the certificate is revoked or the registration is cancelled.

ICAO type designations

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) type designators are alphanumeric codes that designate the various aircraft types used in flight planning. You can find these on the ICAO website.

Registration holder and registered operator commencement dates

We record the commencement dates for the registration holder and registration operator against relevant aircraft of the Australian Civil Aircraft Register.

These dates may not reflect the date that:

  • transfer of title occurred
  • the date a registration holder appointed a particular registered operator.
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