Flying over or in conflict zones

As an Australian air operator or pilot, check all available information about potential safety and security threats to flights. You must do this before conducting operations in, over or near areas of armed conflict or turmoil.

Check if national aviation authorities, or other government agencies, have issued any:

  • notices
  • advisories
  • bulletins
  • warnings
  • safety information.

These may include information on activities that may pose risks to flights. This can be in particular geographic regions or airspace.

It's your responsibility to consider this kind of information before you fly. You can then make informed decisions about when, and whether, to operate into or over particular areas. Especially where local situations and circumstances may pose unacceptable risks.

Notices and bulletins from overseas aviation authorities

You should pay attention to all current safety notices and bulletins. For example, see:

Also check the notices from the national aviation authority for the particular country you are flying in or over.

Travel advisories on Smartraveller

Always check the Australian Government's travel advisories on Smartraveller.

Also see the Smartraveller advice on travelling by air and terrorism overseas.

Do this before you travel to any country.

Overseas aviation laws

You must comply with the aviation laws of other countries where you fly.

Also see advice on staying within the law (Smartraveller) when overseas.

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28 Jul 2023
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