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Part 1 of CASR Preliminary

Part 1 of CASR provides a general explanation of the name, commencement date and structure of the CASR.

Rule Administrative matters CASR Current

Part 1 of CAR Preliminary

Part 1 of CAR outlines who the regulations apply to both inside and outside of Australia. The Part also contains definitions of words or phrases used in the regulations.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current

Part 2 of CAR Administration and organisation

Part 2 of CAR contains provisions about the making of Civil Aviation Orders and the appointment of authorised persons and identity cards for them.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current

Part 4 of CAR Airworthiness requirements

Part 4 of CAR outlines the maintenance requirements and standards that apply to Australian aircraft and provides a framework for the implementation of those standards.

Rule Continuing airworthiness CAR Current

Part 4A of CAR Maintenance

Part 4A of CAR sets out when CASA can give directions relating to the maintenance of Australian aircraft.

Rule Continuing airworthiness CAR Current

Part 4B of CAR Defect reporting

Part 4B of CAR explains when a person must report major defects in aircraft to CASA, how the report must be made and what CASA can do after receiving such a report.

Rule Continuing airworthiness CAR Current

Part 4C of CAR Flight manuals

Part 4C of CAR sets out requirements for the registered operator of an aircraft to keep an aircraft flight manual for the aircraft.

Rule Flight operations CAR Current

Schedule 5 of CAR CASA maintenance schedule

Schedule 5 relates to Part 4A of CAR and sets out the requirements of the CASA maintenance schedule including daily inspections, periodic inspections and post inspection checks.

Rule Continuing airworthiness CAR Current

Part 9 of CAR Aerodromes

Part 9 of CAR sets out operational requirements in relation to the use of an aerodrome by aircraft as well as the removal or marking of obstructions, dangerous lights and certain wildlife attractants.

Rule Air traffic management systems CAR Current

Part 5 of CAR Balloon flight crew licensing

Part 5 of CAR affects persons obtaining, maintaining, or conducting the training for a commercial pilot balloon licence, or balloon flight radiotelephone operator licence.

Rule Flight crew licensing CAR Current

Part 11 of CASR Regulatory administrative procedures

Part 11 of CASR affects CASA staff, persons seeking exemptions against the CASRs and those subject to directions. It sets out the rules that apply to how CASA administers authorisations.

Rule Administrative matters CASR Current

Part 13 of CASR Enforcement procedures

Part 13 of CASR affects licence, certificate and authorisation holders that must follow CASA regulations. It outlines the aviation self-reporting scheme and the demerit point scheme.

Rule Administrative matters CASR Current

Part 17 of CAR Penal provisions and prosecutions

Part 17 of CAR contains miscellaneous offence provisions, offences relating to not holding certain civil aviation authorisations, enables CASA to detain aircraft, and the issue, withdrawal and payment of aviation infringement notices.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current

Part 18 of CAR Evidence

Part 18 of CAR provides when CASA can certify certain matters (for example, that a document CASA required to be surrendered to CASA was so surrendered) as evidence of those matters.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current

Part 19 of CAR Miscellaneous

Part 19 of CAR contains miscellaneous provisions, such as decisions reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, provisions relating to examination cheating, surrender and production of documents to CASA and access rights of authorised persons.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current

Part 20 of CAR Transitional provisions

Part 20 of CAR contains miscellaneous transitional provisions relating to circumstances where provisions of the regulations have been repealed or amended.

Rule Administrative matters CAR Current
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