Apply to be a delegate or authorised person

You must meet any requirements in CASR or set by CASA before we issue a delegation or authorised person authorisation. For more information read the Industry Delegates Management Manual.

CAAP Admin 1

If you are a delegate or authorised person, by CAAP Admin. 1, CASA indemnifies delegates and authorised from any legal liability up to a specified monetary value, but subject to the limitations in the CAAP including that you must not deliberately misuse a delegation or authorisation.


We keep a register of people who want to become an airworthiness delegate.

Section 4 of the Industry Delegates Management Manual lists the criteria for delegates.

Fill in the form to register your interest and we will contact you.

Design approval

See CASR 21.M authorised persons to find out more about design approval authorisations and how to apply.


Contact us to find out more about aerodromes approval authorisations and how to apply.

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4 May 2022
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