Recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment - (CASA Basics)

If you were using the previous CASA Basics exams and SOE pathway to achieve a licence outcome and were not able to complete everything required by 30 June 2021, you can do one of the following:

  • Do a self-assessment to determine what credits for completed CASA Basics exams apply towards the Part 66 Basic knowledge modules.
  • Undertake an RPL assessment with one of the CASA approved Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisations, approved to deliver licence category training.

Self-assessment – (CASA Basics)

Contained within each module table (listed below) is a colour coding:

  • Green - the module topic was covered under the annotated CASA Basic exam (you will need to hold credit for the respective CASA basic exam).
  • Red - the module topic was not covered under any CASA Basic exam.

Credit is only given for a module if all the topics contained in the respective module were covered under the individual’s previously attained CASA Basics exam(s). No module exam credit is given for partial completion of a module.

Mapping our basics exams to the Part 66 basic knowledge modules

Individuals who have completed our basic exams can undertake self-assessment by reviewing the module tables below to determine what credits, from completing our basics exams, are accepted towards the Part 66 basic knowledge modules.

RPL assessment - (CASA Basics)

RPL assessments are conducted at your own cost. RPL will give you credit or partial credit for the CASA Basics exams you have successfully completed.

To undergo an RPL process, contact a CASA approved Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO). They can recognise successful completion of our basics exams toward satisfying the training requirements for a Part 66 licence. They may also offer exclusion removal training.

For licence category training through the MTOs, the RPL assessment can be made against the Part 66 Module requirements and the MEA Aeroskills training package competency standards, within the units of competencies (UOCs).

Basic knowledge examination standard

In accordance with the Part 66 basic knowledge examination standard in Appendix II of the Part 66 MOS, all examinations must adhere to the exam format specified in the standard. The examination standard is unable to accommodate partial credit outcomes via part module exams.

Next steps

Basic knowledge requirements

Once an individual has completed their self-assessment and determined what credits they have obtained there is no requirement for it to be verified by CASA. It will be validated when an individual applies to CASA for a Part 66 licence.

For modules where no credit was granted, an individual can commence self-study (via the new Part 66 self-study training and examination pathway) of the additional modules required for the category or subcategory of licence being applied for.

When you are ready you then can sit a module exam. For more information, including how to book an exam, see Aircraft engineer exams.

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11 Feb 2022
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