Travelling with your drone

If you plan to take your drone overseas, or visit parts of Australia with your drone, you must follow the rules.

Travelling outside Australia

Every country has different laws for flying drones. Some even ban them completely.

Before you can fly, you may need to:

  • learn new rules
  • get a licence
  • register your drone.

Always ask permission before taking photos of people. Remember, it may be illegal to take photos of:

  • government buildings
  • air or seaports
  • police and military property
  • temples, churches or cultural sites.

Before you go, check your travel insurance covers your drone for accidents and damage when abroad. Make sure you follow the local rules, otherwise you may void your insurance and you may face covering any costs.

Visit Smartraveller to learn more about the rules in the country you're visiting.

Travelling in Australia

When travelling with your drone in Australia you, need to:

The drone safety rules are also available in languages other than English.

Many popular tourist sites are in areas where drone safety rules, and other laws, mean you can’t fly. Sydney Harbour and surrounding areas are a ‘no drone zone’ due to helicopters and seaplanes that have permission to fly there, often at low altitudes. Learn more about flying in public spaces.

If you are flying your drone for anything other than sport or recreation, there are extra rules you must follow. You must:

If your drone is registered in another country, you cannot register it here in Australia. You must get permission from us to fly it in Australia, this is a similar process to registering your drone and can be completed online via myCASA.

If you break these rules, you could face penalties.

Packing your batteries

Drones use lithium polymer batteries which you must carry with you in your hand luggage.

Our Dangerous Goods app will help you figure out what you can and can't pack, and how to pack items safely. You can also check with your airline or read more about travelling with lithium batteries.

Use a drone safety app

Many countries, including Australia, have drone safety apps so you know where you can and can't fly your drone. Do your research and download one before you leave home.

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25 Jul 2023
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