Aviation safety resources for pilots

As a pilot, you must be vigilant. You must also be prepared to take action to counter hazards and unexpected situations. Sometimes you must make quick decisions to ensure a safe and successful flight.

To manage the unexpected, you should focus on:

  • pre-flight planning
  • aeronautical decision making
  • checklists.

The following resources can help you to make sure you have a safe flight.

Aeronautical decision making

You should have a plan B. When in doubt use one of the following decision-making tools:


You can't remember everything. A checklist can help save lives. See:

Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is our aviation safety magazine. It is available in print and online. The following articles cover planning for safety, decision making and checklists:

You can also listen to Flight Safety Australia's close calls.

Pre-flight planning

The below resources will help you make time to plan, expect the unexpected and think about the consequences:


You can also attend our free AvSafety seminars.

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