Radio operators

An Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) is required by anyone who needs to communicate on an aviation air-band radio frequency and is not already licensed or qualified.

This includes:

  • aircraft maintenance engineers
  • maintenance organisations
  • remote pilot licence (RePL) holders.

Other people who need an AROC may also include airport or emergency personnel.

The Part 61 Manual of Standards (MOS) and CASR Part 64 are documents that supports flight crew licensing regulations including Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificates (AROC).

Apply for an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    An individual that intends to hold an AROC must have an aviation reference number at the time of application.

    You can complete an ARN application online in the myCASA portal.

    Eligibility for an AROC

    To get an AROC, applicants must:

    AROC training

    Training can be conducted by:

    • pilot instructors
    • some Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
    • individuals with approval to train.

    Trainers must hold a CASR Part 64.012 approval to conduct AROC training and assessments.

    An assessor with appropriate training and endorsements will:

    • assess their student to determine if they meet the required standards
    • submit the application to CASA on the student's behalf.

    Students should make sure their assessor has their full name and aviation reference number. Assessors can then notify CASA of the successful outcome of their AROC assessments.

  2. Submit the application through myCASA

    The assessor submits the application on their student's behalf.

    Flight instructors and assessors who have an 'Instrument of Approval' can complete the AROC application through myCASA.

    Assessors who don't have an ‘Instrument of Approval’ to conduct AROC training and assessments must apply by emailing us a 64-ROC form.

    Make sure you have the following information available:

    Assessors who don't have an ‘Instrument of Approval’ to conduct AROC training and assessments must complete the Aeronautical radio operator certificate form 64-ROC.

    Also see our help information.

  3. After you submit the application

    After an assessor submits the student's application, an email confirmation will:

    • advise if the application was successful
    • confirm the student details
    • provide a payment receipt.

    The student will also get an email from us with confirmation of their qualification. This will occur within minutes of us processing the application.

Approval to give weather reports and observations

Air traffic controllers and aerodrome reporting officers who give weather reports and observations for aeronautical purposes will need an Aerodrome Weather Observer (AWO) certificate.

To get this, applicants must complete either a Class A or B Aerodrome Weather Observer (AWO) course with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Training Centre.

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