Safety signage

We have developed drone safety signage to help drone flyers know where they can and can’t fly their drone for the safety of people, property and other aircraft operating in the area.

There are 2 types of signs:

  • The Caution: drone rules apply sign is a warning sign. You can display this sign in public areas such as national parks, playgrounds or other populous areas.
  • The No drone zone sign is a prohibition sign. It’s designed to tell people they must not fly their drone in the location it’s signposted without CASA approval.

To understand the types of signs and their purpose, we have included a brief description and image of each. This will help you know what the signs mean or where to display them.

Caution: drone rules apply

Caution: drone rules apply is a warning sign tells people that conditions or laws may prevent you from flying your drone in this area. The sign has a yellow background and black border around the drone symbol.

You can display this sign in public areas such as national parks, playgrounds or other populous areas.

The cost of printing, installation and maintenance of the signage is the responsibility of the user. The placement/installation of signage must follow any local/state/territory legislation.

You do not require CASA approval to display this sign, however landowners must give approval to put the sign on their land. CASA remains the owner of the intellectual property (IP) in the sign, including copyright.

You must not alter or modify the sign artwork without prior written approval from CASA.

You can now order pre-cut printed aluminium signs from our Online Store (fees apply) or download for free:

Caution: drone rules apply - Know your drone

No drone zone

No drone zone is a prohibition sign designed to tell people not to fly their drone in the location it’s signposted. It has a recognisable red circle with a diagonal line across the drone symbol.

You must have CASA approval to display the No drone zone sign. To ask for approval:

  1. Complete our online application form
  2. If approved, we will send you a confirmation of your approval within 10 business days and instructions on how to order your free signs (maximum of 5 signs per approval)
  3. Complete your order for free pre-cut printed aluminium No drone zone signs ($18.95 postage and handling fees apply).

You can only display this sign within 5.5 km (3 NM) from a point along a runway centreline (the measurement point) of a controlled airport and in the approach and departure paths. To check if your installation site is in a no drone zone, use a CASA-verified drone safety app.

No drone zone - You must not operate a drone here without CASA approval. Penalties apply. - Know your drone

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28 Aug 2023
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