Flight Test Management system

Under CASR Part 61.1295(5) and 61.1305(3A), flight examiners are obliged to notify us of their intention to conduct a flight test or proficiency check. Flight instructors with a Grade 1 training endorsement are also obliged to notify us of their intention to conduct a flight test. We oversee and monitor flight tests and proficiency checks through the Flight Test Management (FTM) system.

You can use FTM to notify of your intention to conduct a flight test at least 24 hours before it takes place if you are:

  • a flight examiner
  • an approved testing officer
  • a relevant Part 61.040 approval holder
  • flight instructor with Grade 1 training endorsement (exemption CASA EX64/22)
  • a CASA officer.

Flight instructors that hold a Grade 1 training endorsement, are required to use FTM to notify their intention to conduct a flight test.

FTM is an easy-to-use online process that gives flight examiners:

  • a single place online to find flight examiner, Part 61.040 approval holder and applicant flight tests, proficiency checks and endorsement records
  • real time updates to licensing records
  • ability to update, change, cancel and submit results of notified flight tests.

The FTM system is available through the CASA Self Service portal. You must have an Aviation Reference Number to log in.

Using the Flight Test Management System

Flight examiners, Part 61.040 approval holders, and flight instructors with a Grade 1 training endorsement who have applied via the exemption CASA EX64/22 can use FTM to notify, change, cancel and report on flight tests and proficiency checks.

Our FTM user guide or our eLearning module guides you through the process step by step.

FTM validates your flight examiner rating and and approvals issued by CASA to conduct or notify a flight test. If you have any problems getting to the next stage, check your qualifications are correct in CASA Self Service.

Contact us if you need to:

  • notify us of a flight test within 24 hours
  • change any details once you have passed or failed a flight test.

We update FTM several times a year and schedule these outages to cause the least disruption to users. When FTM is offline, we place messages on the FTM landing and log on pages.

Flight test management data

We use the data in FTM to keep track of the flight testing process and analyse trends at an industry level.

This helps us develop improved flight training and safety education programs.

FTM includes about 50 flight test types across aeroplane, helicopter and balloon categories.

Contact us if:

  • you are unsure which flight tests you can perform in a particular aircraft
  • you can’t find the data you need in FTM using the search function.

Multi-engine helicopters ratings

With the release of the instrument (CASA EX49/22), for helicopter flight tests, you will now see the inclusion of additional aircraft types in the drop-down list. These aircraft types relate to helicopters identified in Column 2 of the table in Schedule 1 of the instrument.

The new values are labelled with (EX49/22) and are only to be used if you do not hold the applicable type rating but are authorised under the instrument to exercise the privileges of your licence in the type rating. 

Where you hold the applicable type rating on your licence, select the applicable type rating from the Aircraft Type list that is not labelled (EX49/22).

Last updated:
13 Oct 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/our-systems/flight-test-management-system
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