Suggesting improvements to civil aviation safety rules

We welcome the aviation community, the general public, or our staff suggesting improvements to improve aviation safety.

These can be related to the:

  • regulations
  • manuals of standards
  • advisory materials
  • regulatory procedures and practices.

If you identify something within the legislation that makes it difficult or impossible to comply with, or a change to legislation may enhance safety, then it may warrant a submission to improvement.

We will comply with international standards and consider best practices of the major aviation countries. Any amendments to our legislation, wherever possible, should align with the standards and best practices of other aviation regulatory authorities.

Developing a suggestion for regulatory change proposal

When developing a suggestion for regulatory change proposal, you should:

  • clearly identify the subject area or associated regulation/advisory circular/procedure
  • include a brief statement of the proposed change or course of action
  • provide a comprehensive justification of the proposal
  • detail the course of action recommended
  • explain the impact on safety
  • suggest any improvements to our efficiency
  • outline any other achievable benefits
  • attach any documents or information that support the proposal.

Our regulatory change process

We encourage you to discuss your suggestions for regulatory change with one of our specialists before submitting your proposal.

Once you have submitted your proposal, we will:

  • acknowledge the receipt of the proposal
  • review the current standards development activity associated with the proposal to determine the status
  • have the change proposal considered by our Executive.

Criteria of a regulatory change proposal

All proposals will be subject to the following criteria:

  • Is it safety outcome-oriented, with explicit safety objectives which enable flexible solutions as required by the Civil Aviation Act?
  • Does it enable the transfer of safety responsibilities to industry?
  • Is it consistent with international practice?
  • Has there been consultation with industry and other affected groups?
  • Does it avoid ‘over-regulation’?
  • Does it consider complementary legislation?
  • Is it simple, understandable, valid, and internally consistent?
  • Does it provide a basis for measuring compliance and allow for enforcement when necessary?
  • Is it subject to periodic review?

If we accept the proposal, we may appoint a joint industry/CASA project team to deal with the issue.

Our Executive may decide the proposal does not warrant a change. If this occurs, we provide recommendations and reasons to the standards development manager and we will notify the originator.

Submitting your suggestions for regulatory change proposal

Once you are ready to submit your proposal, you can lodge it online:

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15 Dec 2021
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