Safety manager scholarship

We're offering 3 scholarships to eligible safety managers who are committed to the development of a healthy aviation safety culture in their organisations.

Each scholarship is to the value of $5,000 (plus GST).

The scholarships will help safety managers expand their knowledge and skills through professional development.

This initiative is open to anyone who meets the criteria.

The scholarship is open for applications and will close on 15 October 2023.

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General scholarship conditions

The following conditions apply to the scholarship:

  • The successful applicant can claim reimbursement of the scholarship amount by providing us proof of completion and costs of the course.
  • The scholarship applies to only the recipient and cannot transferred to anyone else or redeem it in any other way.
  • CASA will reimburse the recipient for qualification costs (up to the scholarship amount) by transfer to a nominated bank account.

To claim the scholarship, the successful applicant must show they have successfully completed the course by the end of the scholarship period. We will consider special circumstances.

Scholarship guidelines

The scholarships will provide several benefits for eligible safety managers, including:

  • financial support
  • encouragement and assistance
  • opportunity to up-skill and improve their knowledge through professional development.


To be eligible for the scholarship, an applicant must:

  • hold or previously held a safety manager role or other safety related role as key personnel
  • have a minimum of 2 years aviation industry experience relevant to the position of a safety manager
  • be undertaking or intends to undertake a course they expect to complete during the scholarship period.


Eligibility requirements are broad to allow for a diverse and wide range of applications. This will also help us in the selection of deserving applicants.

Please note: the CASA panel will preference applicants who are currently in a key personnel position.

The scholarships will help those who have demonstrated:

  • a commitment to aviation safety
  • made progress through initiative
  • portrayed a high standard of aptitude and safety culture.

Scholarship process

A panel will review and assess all scholarship applications. The panel will include a minimum of 3 CASA nominated staff, as endorsed by the Executive Manager of Stakeholder Engagement.

The scholarship selection will follow a 4-stage process.

  1. Application

    Application form submitted and received by CASA. The panel will shortlist applicants and notify unsuccessful applicants by email.

  2. Shortlisting

    Shortlisted applicants submit a conflict-of-interest declaration. We will then start our verification checks.

  3. Interviews

    Applicant interviews. Shortlisted applicants then need to provide required supporting documentation. CASA will then complete referee checks.

  4. Outcome

    CASA’s Legal Advisory and Drafting Branch prepare an agreement between the successful applicants and CASA. Successful applicant confirms and signs the agreement. We will then notify unsuccessful applicants.

Evaluation criteria for the panel

Applicants will have to demonstrate that they:

  • have completed in full the online application
  • can supply required supporting documentation (supporting documents provided at Stage 3)
  • have at least 2 years' relevant aviation industry experience
  • have made a reasonable effort to undertake theoretical and practical training towards becoming an effective safety manager
  • have a positive attitude towards aviation safety
  • are an Australian citizen or have permanent residency.

Interview process

The interview process will consist of:

  • reviewing shortlisted applicant’s documentation
  • verifying shortlisted applicant meets criteria
  • assessing shortlisted applicant for their:
    • communications skills
    • ability to explain their plans and summarise their application and supporting documentation
    • commitment to safety culture
    • ability to articulate a pathway or process for becoming, or furthering their development as, an effective safety manager.

Required supporting documentation

Each applicant will need to provide:

  • evidence of theory training that would contribute to their scholarship application
  • supporting documents outlined in Stage 3
  • 2 professional referees (non-family members), such as a previous or current employer, community leader or similar.

Application form requirements

When completing the scholarship application form, you will need to provide:

  • personal details
  • training details
  • referee details
  • employment details
  • questions to assess suitability:
    • Why do you believe you should receive the scholarship?
    • How do you plan to use the scholarship funds to become an effective safety manager?
    • What is or was your motivation for becoming a safety manager in the aviation industry?

Shortlisted applicants

Shortlisted applicants interviewed for the scholarship must provide details for:

  • conflict of interest declaration (pre-interview)
  • referee check (post-interview)
  • agreement entered with successful applicant.

Selection panel

A panel will assess all applications. The panel will include a CASA senior manager and technical specialists.

The decision of the panel is final. The panel will not provide further details about their decision.

CASA reserves the right not to award the scholarships if the selection panel finds there were no applicants who met the selection criteria.

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