Safety advocates

The 'drone safety advocates' initiative aims to help improve drone safety in Australia by working with retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

About the initiative

Drone safety advocates are CASA-recognised retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Safety advocates pledge to educate customers about when, where, and how customers can use their drones safely.

We may invite advocates to take part in public events, online and media activities to promote drone safety.

Become a drone safety advocate

If you're a drone retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer you can now sign-up to this free voluntary program. Becoming an advocate will identify you as a responsible retailer and allow you to display the following symbol.

logo of drone safety advocate
logo of drone safety advocate

We encourage customers to look out for this symbol when purchasing their drone. We publish a list of safety advocates on our Buying a drone page.

To be eligible you'll need to:

  • give customers a copy or referral to the drone safety rules at point-of-sale. This can be either in the product box, in-store display or through your website
  • include links to on all online drone product pages and stores
  • educate staff through professional development or internal communications. This should help them give clear advice to customers on the drone safety rules.

Apply to become a safety advocate by completing the application form. We’ll contact you to let you know the next steps and whether you can display the drone safety advocate symbol.

Last updated:
20 Jan 2022
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