Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is our aviation safety magazine available both online and in print.

The magazine comprises of topical, technical and reader-friendly articles, written by local and international contributors. It covers:

  • key aviation safety issues
  • safety management systems
  • human factors
  • maintenance
  • runway safety
  • airspace
  • training
  • aviation medicine
  • drones, and much more.

The ever-popular close calls (including audio collection) sees readers sharing stories. These stories include hard-won lessons on aviation safety so others can learn as well.

The magazine contains quizzes that cover:

  • visual flight rules
  • instrument flight rules
  • maintenance
  • drones
  • helicopters
  • ground handling
  • cabin safety.

Readers can test their knowledge on all things aviation. Even if you don't know the answers, you'll learn from the explanations in the answer section.

How to access the magazine

There are a few ways to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news and information:

  • subscribe to get a 64-page printed glossy magazine delivered to your door every 3 months for only $39 per year. Visit shop.casa.gov.au
  • read it online via Flight Safety Australia and get all the stories available in print plus additional news, videos and audio close calls
  • sign up to get email notifications each time we publish a story online to news alerts at Flight Safety Australia online.

Reader feedback

In a recent reader survey, 95% of readers said the magazine increased their knowledge and awareness of aviation safety issues. More than 80% also said it influenced them to become safer in their aviation role.

Here is some of what our readers say:

  • “Invaluable reading”
  • “Great unbiased coverage”
  • “Excellent content”
  • “Informative, thought provoking and instructive”
  • “A good read”
  • “Informative and technically sound”.

Contribute a story idea or close call

We welcome reader contributions such as story ideas and close calls.

Everyone has had at least one incident or accident that has taught them a lasting lesson about aviation safety. That’s a close call – a hard-won lesson too valuable to keep to yourself.

Close calls can be from any sector of aviation. From paragliders to airline transport, including all types of rotary wing aircraft. We'd also love to hear from:

  • non-pilots
  • ground handling
  • cabin safety
  • maintenance
  • aerodrome personnel
  • and more.

You can submit your close call two ways:

  • over the phone
  • by writing it up and emailing it to us.

Articles should be between 450 and 1400 words. Contact us for more information.

If we publish your story, we'll give you $500 for a story you’ve written yourself, or $250 for a story over the phone.

Flight Safety Australia provides a safe space to share your story and can be anonymous.

Step back into the archives

Flight Safety Australia online has articles from 2013 onwards. You can also download PDF version of the magazine from 1996 to March 2014.

If you are looking for something published before 2013, please visit the Aviation Safety Digest. The Australian Transport of Safety Bureau has an historical archive from 1953 to 1991.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/podcasts-videos-and-magazines/flight-safety-australia
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