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Who we are

Our role

We are a government body that regulates Australian aviation safety and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas. We employ about 800 people working across Australia to keep our skies safe for all.

We license pilots, register aircraft, oversee aviation safety and promote safety awareness.  We are also responsible for making sure that Australian airspace is administered and used safely.

We were established in July 1995 as an independent statutory authority. We operate within a legislative framework made up of acts, regulations, associated legislative instruments and guidance material.

Our role is described in the Civil Aviation Act 1988, which also forms the basis of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations. These regulations are broken into parts, which may have an associated Manual of Standards, as well as supporting guidance materials.

Together with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, and Airservices Australia, we constitute a tripartite structure for providing safe aviation in Australia.

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Last modified: 4 February 2020