Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council

The Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (ADGATC) objectives are to:

  • work for the promotion and compliance of regulations for dangerous goods carried by air to ensure the highest possible level of safety in air transport
  • provide a forum for members to express their views in the presence of the regulatory authorities and to raise questions on dangerous goods procedural and policy matters.
  • make recommendations to CASA, or other appropriate authorities, on policy or legislative matters that relate to carriage by air.
  • discuss and reach agreement and solutions to problems relating to the air transport of dangerous goods.
  • distribute dangerous goods related information from any source to the industry through council members and promote public awareness of the air safety issues involved in dangerous goods carriage by air.

Member organisations

The ADGATC has representatives from:

  • major and regional airlines in Australia and New Zealand
  • organisations that provide dangerous goods training
  • domestic and international freight forwards
  • packaging manufacturers
  • shippers of dangerous goods.

The council also has representatives from other Australian Government agencies and organisations. This includes:

  • Australia Post
  • Royal Australian Air Force.

Regulators involved in transporting dangerous goods by air have a standing invitation to attend council meetings, including:

Key council members 

  • Chair, Paul Robertson
  • Vice-Chair, Chris Reed
  • Coordinator, Alliance Airlines

Council meetings  

The ADGATC holds 3 meetings per year. Locations alternate between:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • regional centres.

Meeting dates usually align with a meeting of either the:

You are welcome to attend if you’re involved in:

  • a dangerous goods discipline
  • regulatory compliance
  • other related dangerous goods activities.



If you are interested in attending a meeting or have any questions relating to ADGATC, please contact:

CASA Dangerous Goods

For dangerous goods related enquiries, please contact us using the dangerous goods enquiries form.

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12 Sep 2023
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