Digital platform

CASA developed and introduced a remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) digital platform to provide a central source of trusted data.

The central source of data available through the RPAS digital platform includes:

  • RPA-related advisories
  • rules
  • regulatory information.

Software developers can use this data to create third-party mobile and web-based apps. The apps help show users where it's safe and legal to fly a drone in Australia. As we work to verify third-party apps, we'll publish them on the drone safety apps page—with a link to the app or developer's website.

How to connect to the RPAS digital platform

Industry and software developers can apply to connect to the RPAS digital platform.

To connect to the platform, software developers will need to undergo an approval and onboarding process. This enables CASA to verify that proposed apps will deliver accurate information and meet the minimum technical requirements.

The requirements are set out in the following documents:

The most recent application round closed on 20 June 2022.

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9 Aug 2022
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