Successful job candidates

Before starting in your new role with us you must first meet some pre-employment requirements.

These requirements make up the conditional offer and may include some, or all, of the following.

Pre-employment checks

As part of the pre-appointment process, we ask you to complete a pre-employment Conflict of Interest declaration.

For more information read our Conflict of Interest policy.

The policy explains how we identify, assess, and manage conflicts of interest between someone’s private interests and their responsibilities as a CASA employee. We will also check:

  • Identity – you must provide appropriate identification documents
  • criminal history – we require a police criminal history check for all new staff.

Security clearance

Some roles you may need a security clearance. A security clearance involves pre-employment and background checks.

They allow us to determine your suitability to access national security related and sensitive information. They also determine your ability to commit to protective security responsibilities and obligations.

There are several security clearance levels. These are different based on the requirements of each position. We coordinate security clearances when you start the job.

You can find further information about the security clearance process on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.

Other tests

If you are successful in obtaining a position that is classified as ‘safety sensitive’, you need to undertake pre-employment testing. This includes:

  • alcohol and drug testing
  • audiometric testing.

We will issue a formal letter of offer once you meet the specified requirements and conditions. This letter will also include commencement pack documents.

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11 Sep 2023
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