Obstacle data providers

Many organisations across Australia have data and information on objects or structures that may affect aviation safety.

Airservices Australia have the authority to contact you and request data and information on any object or structure that your organisation owns or manages. You must provide the information to Airservices Australia within 28 days from their request.

Most objects or structures that could impact aviation safety will be 100 metres or more in height. However, Airservices Australia can request information on any object or structure in the interests of aviation safety.

Information needed

Airservices Australia may seek information on the object or structure, such as:

  • the person who owns, controls or operates
  • the name, identification or designation
  • the type, for example if it's a building, telecommunications tower or wind turbine
  • the geographic location, in the correct format
  • the height above ground and elevation above mean sea level in meters
  • whether it's marked or lit, and if so, how
  • any other data that is necessary in the interests of aviation safety.

For more information contact Airservices Australia.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//operations-safety-and-travel/aeronautical-information-management/obstacle-data-providers
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