Ferry flight registrations

You may be able to import and ferry aircraft into Australia using a ferry flight certificate of registration.

Purpose of a ferry flight certificate of registration

A ferry flight certificate of registration allows you to import and ferry aircraft more quickly, if:

  • the aircraft is overseas at the time of registration
  • there is insufficient time to deliver an original certificate overseas
  • importation to Australia is urgent
  • there is no standard certificate of registration already issued to the aircraft.

Ferry flight certificate of registration process

We follow the normal process when issuing a ferry flight certificate of registration. However, we will email a copy of the certificate to the overseas location instead of sending the original certificate.

The ferry flight certificate of registration will be valid for either:

  • 30 days
  • until the aircraft lands in Australian territory, whichever occurs first.

We may ask for more information to ensure a safe and reliable outcome. This may cause delays and we ask that you consider this when you submit your application.

International regulations

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires all aircraft to carry on board:

  • the original registration certificate
  • any other required documentation.

Any Australian registered aircraft that operates solely within Australian territory is exempt from this rule.

How to apply for a ferry flight certificate of registration

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    • your aircraft details, including manufacturer, model and serial number
    • your aviation reference number
    • letter of authority, if applicable
    • previous aircraft registration mark, if any.
  2. Complete the form

    Use Form 029 Aircraft registration initial registration and follow instructions.

    Use this form if you are:

    • the owner of the aircraft
    • the owner's representative.

    If there is more than one owner, you will need to select a single representative to hold the registration.

    We gather and store your information according to our privacy statement.

  3. Submit the form

    Submit your application along with any supporting documents along with your fee amount. Email or post your completed application using the details on the form.

  4. Pay the fee

    You must pay a fee when applying for an initial registration for your aircraft. The fee is $130.00.

    You can pay by either:

    • completing the payment details on the form or
    • paying online.
  5. After you submit the form

    We will contact you if there is information missing from your application or to request other information.

Last updated:
20 Sep 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//aircraft/aircraft-registration/ferry-flight-registrations
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