Change, transfer or cancel aircraft registration

If you have sold your aircraft, you must transfer or cancel the aircraft registration. This also includes if you:

  • bought an aircraft and wish to retain it on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register, you must apply to become the new registration holder
  • are the registration holder of an aircraft on the Australian Civil Aircraft Register you may wish to review and confirm your aircraft registration details
  • made changes to your aircraft’s details such as it’s model or serial number, you must notify us of those changes.

How to apply to transfer, confirm or cancel the aircraft's registration or notify of a change of aircraft details

After the transfer of the ownership of an aircraft, the registration holder or seller must notify us within 14 days after the transfer.

The new owner or buyer must apply to become the registration holder within 28 days after the transfer of ownership.

  1. For individuals

    This section is for all individuals who have sold an aircraft to another individual.

    As the former owner and current registration holder you must:

    We will notify the new owner who will then complete the transfer of registration.

  2. For organisations

    This section is for all transfers involving an organisation, either as the former owner or new owner.

    As the former owner and current registration holder you must complete a Transfer of aircraft ownership form 27-1 within 14 days after change of ownership.

    As the new owner you must complete a New aircraft owner to become registration holder form 27-2 within 28 days after change of ownership.

    Late submissions may result in the suspension of the aircraft's registration.

  3. Pay the fee

    You must pay the applicable fee before we process your form. You can pay online or complete the credit card details on the form. Refer to Part 12 of the Schedule of fees for regulatory services.

  4. Confirm aircraft details

    If you or your organisation has registered aircraft, you can now confirm the registration details in myCASA.

    Confirming your organisation’s aircraft registration details in myCASA will make sure that your details are up to date. You’ll also have visibility of your aircraft data at any time.

    To do this you’ll need:

    • an ARN and a myCASA account
    • to be an authorised representative, company director or CEO if confirming on behalf of an organisation.
  5. Cancel your registration

    To cancel your aircraft registration, the registration holder may complete Cancellation of an aircraft registration form 26.

  6. Change aircraft details

    You must notify us of a change in aircraft details by completing Change of aircraft details form 30.

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17 Feb 2022
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