Replace lost or damaged air operator's certificate

If you lose or damage your air operator's certificate (AOC), you need to request a replacement from us.

Submit a request in writing

You must make your request for a replacement in writing. Use the online contact form to notify us about your request.

We will ask you to provide a statutory declaration.

The statutory declaration must:

  • be made and signed by the certificate holder (or in the case of a company, the managing director of the company whose name appears on the certificate)
  • be made before a person authorised to take declarations.

Review of your request

We will review your request and the statutory declaration to:

  • ensure you have provided the correct information
  • check your details
  • check details of your certificate against our records.

We will contact you if we need more information. If you do not provide the information within a reasonable period, we may not grant your request.

Reissue of your certificate

If your request is approved, we will reissue a true copy of your certificate.

One of our administrative staff will sign the certificate to show it is a certified true copy.

Last updated:
2 Dec 2021
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