Irrevocable deregistration and export request authorisation (IDERA)

An irrevocable deregistration and export request authorisation (IDERA) is a voluntary measure that gives greater security to creditors.

A registration holder can submit an IDERA to us indicating that only the authorised party:

  • can deregister or export a specified aircraft object
  • can issue a certified designee confirmation letter (CDCL) to transfer their rights.

The CDCL is a letter issued by an authorised party. It transfers rights under the IDERA to a certified designee and cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the certified designee.

Cape Town Convention

In Australia, the Cape Town Convention applies to airframes and helicopters, provided that:

  • the airframe can transport at least 8 persons (including crew) or goods in excess of 2750 kilograms
  • the helicopter can transport at least 5 persons (including crew) or goods in excess of 450 kilograms.

The International Interests in Mobile Equipment (Cape Town Convention) Act 2013 sets the legislative framework for Australia's agreement to the convention and protocol on matters specific to aircraft.

The Convention:

  • provides creditors with an internationally recognised set of rights in the event of a debtor's default or insolvency
  • allows creditors to register their interests in an international register
  • guarantees the priority of their claim against other parties.

How to submit or remove an IDERA

To submit an IDERA:

To remove an IDERA:

To deregister an aircraft under an IDERA:

Once we have sent a confirmation of de-registration letter, the aircraft is no longer registered. The means your aircraft does not have a certificate of airworthiness and you cannot fly it.

How to submit or remove a CDCL

To submit a CDCL:

To remove a CDCL:


You need to pay a fee to record or remove an IDERA or CDCL. You can find the fee amount on the application form.

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