Appoint or cancel a registered aircraft operator

Tell us about any changes of appointment or cancellation of a registered operator.

How to notify

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

  2. Complete the form

    Use Notification of appointment/cancellation of a registered operator and follow instructions.

    Use this form if you are:

    • the registration holder notifying the cancellation of the current registered operator's appointment
    • the registration holder notifying the appointment of a new registered operator
    • the registered operator notifying the cancellation of your appointment.

    We gather and store your information according to our privacy statement.

  3. Pay the fee

    You must pay a fee when notifying of the appointment of a new registered operator. The fee is $65.00.

    You can pay by either:

    • completing the payment details on the form
    • paying online.
  4. After you submit the form

    We will contact you if there is information missing from your application or to request other information.

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