Ramp checks for safety

We do ramp checks as part of our general surveillance process. They can be part of planned surveillance of a particular area or aerodrome, or as a one-off.

This is to make sure you, as a pilot, conduct flight operations safely and according to regulations.

How we perform ramp checks

A typical ramp check involves checking:

  • your flight crew licence (paper or electronic copy)
  • your aviation medical certificate
  • you have maintained a navigation/fuel log
  • you have studied the weather forecast and applicable NOTAMs
  • you're carrying the appropriate current charts and documents
  • you have complied with aircraft weight and balance requirements
  • you have submitted a flight plan (if required by AIP).

We will then check your aircraft, including the flight manual and maintenance release. We may also carry out a general inspection of the aircraft to ensure there are no obvious defects.

Ramp check resources for pilots

We have resources for both general aviation and sports aviation pilots to help you understand ramp checks.

General aviation pilots

Watch our Out 'n' Back video I'm a general aviation pilot and have been selected for a ramp check.

Also watch our Ramp checks explained for GA pilots video on YouTube.

Sport pilots

Watch our Ramp checks explained for sport pilots video on YouTube.

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