Defect Report Service

Use the Defect Report Service (DRS) to report and view major defects with aircraft or an aircraft part not fitted to an aircraft.

We track and correct any unsafe conditions by reviewing and recording relevant data from the aviation industry.

The DRS aims to maintain and improve the level of flight safety and not to attribute or apportion blame.

To use the DRS portal

Use the online DRS portal to search and view defect report summaries.

You can also register to:

  • submit defects
  • save searches
  • receive notifications of new defects.

Description of a major defect

A major defect is a defect in an aircraft or aircraft part not fitted to an aircraft (but if fitted) that:

  • may affect the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft
  • could cause an aircraft to become a safety hazard to persons or property.

What you must report

You must report any major defect you come across, for example:

  • smoke or fumes in the cabin
  • corrosion in the primary structure of the aircraft
  • faults in flight control systems.

Read about reporting requirements in the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

If someone else has reported the defect you have found, you must still submit a report. This allows us to:

  • conduct accurate trending analysis of defects
  • deliver informed evidence based advice and communication to the aviation community.

Once you submit a defect report

We manage and assess reported defects for any potential impacts on aviation safety.

We store and assess the information in our database to help identify trends in aviation safety. This allows us to issue:

  • evidence based advice
  • information
  • corrective actions.

System maintenance

We perform routine system maintenance on Thursday night between 7pm and 11pm AEST (an hour later during AEDT). This may result in limited availability to the DRS during this time.

Last updated:
5 Dec 2021
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