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The Senate Order on Entity Contracts sets out that confidentiality provisions shouldn’t restrict or prevent access to information about government contracts to comply with the requirements of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

Read more about Entity Reports for complying with the Senate Order on Procurement Contracts and use of Confidentiality Provisions (AusTender).

Senate order on contracts $100,000 or more

To comply with the Senate Order, we publish a list of contracts worth $100,000 or more (including GST) that we entered into during a reporting period. The Senate Order is produced each year at the end of each financial year and calendar year.

This includes any contracts formed through:

  • procurements
  • grants
  • sales of goods and/or services by an entity
  • disposals by an entity
  • other financial arrangements.

The minister tables the lists in the Senate twice a year. Below you’ll find our contract lists since 2017.

Confidentiality provisions

Most of our contracts contain general confidentiality provisions that protect the confidential information of the parties in the contract.

We include these clauses:

  • as ordinary commercial prudence that protects things like trade secrets and proprietary information
  • to protect other Commonwealth material and personal information.

Our accountable authority has provided an assurance that the contracts don’t contain inappropriate confidentiality provisions.


Last updated:
8 Dec 2021
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