Aviation State Engagement Forum

The Aviation State Engagement Forum (AvSEF) is CASA’s new industry engagement platform which provides an opportunity for all significant airspace users to comment on proposals or initiatives relating to airspace, procedures, or related matters of a regional and/or national importance.

AvSEF follows a similar state-based structure and terms of reference of the former Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committees (RAPAC). RAPAC transitioned to AvSEF in 2021.

It is available for use by civil and military airspace users, government, private aviation organisations, air navigation and communication service providers, and other stakeholders.

Please visit the Aviation State Engagement Forum website for more information.


AvSEF secretariat

AvSEF - Stakeholder Engagement Division
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
GPO Box 2005

Previous RAPAC meeting minutes

All former RAPAC meeting minutes have been archived. The archived minutes are available upon request from the AvSEF Secretariat.

Last updated:
3 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//about-us/who-we-work/aviation-state-engagement-forum
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