Become a single-person instructor flight training operation

Single-person instructors can seek approval from us to provide non-complex flight training through our streamlined approval process.  Our approval will be in the form of a Part 141 of CASR certificate.


You can apply to become a flight training organisation (FTO) as a single-flight instructor operation. Sole flight instructors looking to become an FTO must hold the key personnel positions of CEO and HOO.

This structure is consistent with the simple nature of the operation with limited training authorisations. Although we have not put a limit of the number of authorised training activities or students for a single instructor FTO, we must be satisfied the FTO can be effectively managed by an individual.

Please note this does not prevent single flight instructor FTOs from employing staff to fulfil an administrative role.

To be eligible, a single flight instructor must have authorisation under Part 61 of CASR to conduct the flight training they have applied for.

The instructor can only provide training in line with their instructor privileges.

Learn more about approval to conduct training activities for Parts 141 and 142 on our About certification for flight training operators page.

How to apply

  1. Download a copy of the guide

    Download the following guide to help you use the sample manual template.

  2. Get a copy of the sample manual

  3. Make your changes

    You must use the single instructor Part 141 sample operations manual to be eligible for the streamlined pathway. You can change content to show how you plan to conduct and manage flight training activities. Change the content only where indicated in the manual.

    The scope and complexity of your operation will determine what parts of the manual you change. Refer to the user guide for help. It explains each section and the things you need to consider.

    You will need to provide other details in the specified areas, including:

    • your facilities
    • types of aircraft
    • personnel.
  4. Generate your syllabuses

    You must use the sample syllabuses to be eligible for the single-person flight instructor pathway.

    View the sample syllabuses.

  5. Checklist

    Check the manual works for you as the single instructor. Make sure to ask yourself 'have I':

    • updated the publication details (such as publication dates, file names and titles)?
    • inserted your flight training syllabuses?
    • updated the list of amendments and revision history?
    • updated page numbers and footers?
    • updated the table of contents?
  6. Complete the form

    Complete the form(s) for the kind of flight training activity you plan to conduct. This may include flight training for a:

    • recreational pilot licence (RPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
    • private pilot licence (PPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
    • commercial pilot licence (CPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
    • aircraft class or type rating
    • operational rating and associated endorsements
    • training for flight reviews – specify the ratings the reviews are for.

    You should use the form for single instructors. If you are unable to access the forms you need, contact us.

  7. Submit your form and manual to us

    Submit your application and support documents to us by following the instructions in the form.

    Contact us if you have any problems editing the document.

After you submit your documentation

We will review your application and contact you if we need more information. You must address any issues we identify within a reasonable timeframe to avoid any delays in progressing your application.

Pay the fee

Single instructors applying under the streamlined application and assessment pathway for a Part 141 certificate will pay a fee of $1,560. We base this fee on an abbreviated assessment pathway as the sample operations manual and sample syllabuses have been used.

After receiving your completed application form, we will also let you know if we need any additional information.

You must pay the fee before we can process your application.

Cancel an application

To cancel your application after paying the fee, contact us in writing. We will charge costs for any work completed before you cancel.


A streamlined application and assessment pathway is available.

However, timeframes may vary and rely on:

  • when we receive your payment
  • the availability of our resources.

We will provide an estimation of the time required when we receive your payment.

Certificate issue

We will let you know if we accept or decline your application after our assessment.

If approved, we'll issue the Part 141 certificate relevant to your operation.

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30 Jan 2024
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