Part 142 of CASR Integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training, contracted recurrent training and contracted checking

Rule status

Part 142 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) sets out the organisational and administrative framework for issuing Part 142 flight training operators.

It specifies the requirements and standards for flight training operators who conduct:

  • integrated flight training for private or commercial pilot licences
  • ratings required for multi-crew flight operations. 

Who it affects

Part 142 affects flight training operators conducting:

  • integrated training
  • multi-crew flight training
  • contracted recurrent training and checking.

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Exemptions may apply to a broad range of people.

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Flight training and test (low-fidelity simulators)
CASA EX42/22

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This Exposition has been developed in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) to comply with regulation 141.260 Part 141 operators - content of operations manual and regulation 142.340 Part 142 operators - content of exposition. As it relates to the Part 141 certificate, this document is taken to be the Operations Manual required by regulation 141.260.

Industry compliance template, Sample operations manual Version: 3.1

Sample training plan: commercial pilot licence (integrated) for Part 142 of CASR.

Industry compliance template Version:

This guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the Part 142 SE, by industry and the CASA assessor. The guide will assist an operator to readily adopt or customise the SE material to compile their exposition.

Industry compliance template Version: 3.1

The CASA Flight Examiner Rating Course (FERC) Workbook is normally completed during progress through the CASA FERC eLearning modules 4-6.

Industry compliance template Version: 1.0

This AC provides guidance for operators relating to their management of the continuing airworthiness, and maintenance, of aircraft being used for their operations.

Advisory Circular Version: 1.0

AC 1-05 provides advice and guidance to aircraft owners and operators when leasing aircraft. Information is provided on the types of aircraft lease, aircraft operating authorisations available and Australian requirements for air transport and aerial work operations utilising leased aircraft in Australia.

Advisory Circular Version: 1.0
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