Flight training locations

Flight training activities must take place safely in suitable facilities, in line with Part 141 of CASR and Part 142 of CASR.

Flight training operators must ensure:

  • the safety of their operations
  • their operational procedures meet regulatory and safety requirements
  • training activities are effectively supervised and conducted consistent with the principles of competency based training and assessment (CBTA).

If we find an operator’s procedures are unsatisfactory, we may direct a variation or removal of those procedures.

Training bases

Part 141.030 defines a training base for a Part 141 operator as a facility from which the operator conducts Part 141 flight training.

Part 142.035 defines a training base for a Part 142 operator as a facility from which the operator conducts any of the following:

  • Part 142 flight training
  • recurrent training
  • checking.

For the purposes of an assessment, we define a training base to be where:

  • regular training takes place
  • an identified person is responsible for day-to-day operations at that site
  • permanent training and support facilities are available on site by the operator
  • the operator’s flight training aircraft are based there.

Significant changes to training bases will need approval from CASA.

Temporary training locations

We do not consider temporary training locations as training bases.

To use temporary locations for flight training activities, your operations manual must include:

  • relevant operational procedures for the use of and changes to temporary locations.

We do not consider the inclusion of such procedures for temporary location as a significant change.

If your operations manual does not include procedures to cover operations on temporary locations, you will need to:


Last updated:
9 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/air-operators/flight-training-operators/flight-training-locations
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