Jandakot helicopter operations

Jandakot has 2 helicopter pads (central and eastern) as well as a helicopter training area. The Airfield Diagram below shows the location of these sites. Outside tower hours or when Class G airspace is in place, ALL helicopter arrivals and departures are to be conducted from HLS or RWY. Unless otherwise approved by ATC, all helicopters arriving to or departing from the JKT CTR must comply with the fixed-wing procedures listed in ERSA. ERSA lists numerous other helicopter operations requirements and these should be read and understood by all helicopter pilots prior to operating in Jandakot airspace.

A manoeuvring map of Jandakot aerodrome, detailing the position of its runways and taxiways
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Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//jandakot-helicopter-operations
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