Audit of medical certificates

Where a medical certificate states a ‘CASA surveillance is required’ you should:

  • understand that 'CASA surveillance required’ doesn't limit the privileges of your medical certificate
  • note the specified information which is needed by CASA at specified times
  • keep all your letters or emails from CASA that tell you what medical tests / reports you need, and when
  • make sure you understand any other conditions on your medical certificate
  • monitor your compliance with the conditions of your medical certificate.

Preventing delays in assessment

If your surveillance requirements stipulate regular testing, make your medical appointments in advance. Failure to provide regular testing may affect the validity of your medical certificate.

Make sure you have your specialist appointments, and get your reports, before your medical examination. We can’t finalise your medical assessment without the required reports.

Note: Information about significant medical conditions may be found in our DAME Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Last updated:
27 Mar 2023
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