The medical certification process

Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) and Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAOs) conduct medical examinations as required by the Civil Aviation Act 1988 and relevant regulations.

In those classes of medical certification where CASA is involved, CASA medical staff work with DAMEs to determine, on the evidence available, whether an applicant is entitled to the issue of a medical certificate.

The CASA medical certification system also utilises the opinions of a wide variety of clinical medical specialists such as psychiatrists, neurologists, and cardiologists. Complex cases are examined through a peer review process.

There are several steps to the medical certification process. Being prepared for your examination is the first step in process and can help save time by reducing the need for potential follow up activity.

Any medical practitioner, including general practitioners (GPs), can assess applicants against the Austroads commercial driving standard for some simple types of private flying. If eligible, you can then issue a Basic Class 2 medical certificate.

For more information, read our Basic Class 2 medical certificate fact sheet for pilots.

Steps to apply for your medical certificate

Follow these steps to help you prepare for your medical examination. These steps help you save time by reducing the need for potential follow ups.

You can also review the steps you need to take for your medical by using the MRS flowchart.

  1. Register for your myCASA account

    MRS is accesses through the myCASA portal. Learn more about creating a myCASA account.

  2. Confirm your contact details

    It's important for you to make sure the contact details we have for you on file are correct.

    This way we can contact you with updates, and other information relevant to your medical certification.

    Register or update your details in CASA Self Service.

  3. Apply for your medical certificate

    Follow the steps in MRS to complete your application for your medical certificate. 

    You must do this before your appointment with a DAME. This applies to all Class 1, 2 and 3 holders.

    First time MRS users

    If it is your first time using MRS, you'll also need to provide your full medical history. This includes information about:

    • doctors you've seen
    • tests you've undergone
    • your medical conditions
    • your treatments
    • prescribed medications.

    MRS will retain this information in line with our privacy policy. You'll need to review and update the information you provide before any future medicals.

  4. Pay online

    MRS will connect you with our secure online payment facility. Payment is by Visa or MasterCard.

    You need to pay the CASA fee to apply for a medical certificate. This is separate to any fees your DAME charges you to conduct your medical examination.

    Also see our information about medical certificate fees, payments and processing.

Steps after you submit your application in MRS

Once you submit your application in MRS, we will email you. The email will have:

  • a reference number for your application
  • a link to view the progress of your application.
  1. Find a DAME

  2. Book your medical appointment

    Book your medical appointment directly with the DAME's practice.

  3. Complete all required tests

    There may be additional tests for some applicants, depending on your age and medical history. This may include an:

    • ECG
    • audiogram
    • fasting lipids and glucose test
    • eye examination.

    If you have already completed these please bring copies of these reports to your medical examination.

    Learn more about additional tests for pilots and ATCs.


    If your DAME does not do audiograms, you can attend any audiology clinic. You can search for a clinic online. Some pathology companies also do audiology. Your DAME may be able to advise of one near to them.

  4. Attend your DAME appointment (medical exam)

    Attend your medical examination, and verify all the information you supplied in previous steps.

    Please bring available copies of all your specialist reports and test results.

    Remember you'll need to pay the DAME's practice directly for your appointment. Our application fee is separate to any consultation fees DAMEs charge.

  5. Get your medical certificate

    Obtain your medical certificate. Or, await further instructions from a CASA medical assessor.

    There may be restrictions or endorsements on your medical certificate. Make sure you understand what they are, and how it affects you as a certificate holder.

Extra Body field:

Processing timeframes

The service delivery time is up to 20 days. This starts once we've received the required reports and the processing fee.

The following may cause delays to the process:

  • we haven't received payment
  • the application is incomplete and must be sent back to the DAME
  • more time required for us to receive specialist reports.

You can check the progress of your application by clicking on the link in the email you receive from us once you submit your application in MRS.

Also see our information about medical certificate fees, payments and processing.

When your certificate is due to expire

When your medical certificate is due to expire, we will email you using the address on file.

The email will ask you to:

  • confirm your personal details
  • update your medical history in MRS.

In order to keep your current anniversary date your renewal medical examination must be within 28 days before the medical certificate expiry date.

In addition to the routine medical examination, you may need to undergo additional tests for pilots and ATCs. These depend on your:

Gather any information that we have previously requested of you. This request would have been in the letter we sent with your last medical certificate. It tells you what reports will be required at your next medical application.

It is important to refer to that letter and make appointments before you have your medical examination with your DAME.

You need to make an appointment to see your DAME and check the age requirements chart in the DAME Handbook. Refer to special reports and tests required for medical certification for more information.

Read more about how to renew your medical certificate.

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12 Dec 2022
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