Airspace infringement hotspots: north and west

  1. Airspace infringement hotspot: Arriving from the northwest

    Track in the coastal corridor clear of Pearce restricted airspace and Perth controlled airspace. Be sure to observe both the Pearce restricted airspace and Perth controlled airspace steps.

    Remain within 2 nm of the coastline to avoid the Pearce airspace, and remain below 2,000 ft. When in the coastal corridor, be aware of the 1,500 ft step at 11 nm from Perth. You must be at or below 1,500 ft when between Fremantle Golf Course and Mullaloo Point.

    Aircraft within 36 nm of Perth should monitor Perth Centre 135.25 whenever able. This service is available for traffic, position and navigation advisories or Flight Following if available dependent on controller workload.

  2. Airspace infringement hotspot: Inbound via Adventure World

    Report at Boatyard or Powerhouse for abbreviated clearance. Report at Adventure World. You may receive circuit joining instructions if not inferred in abbreviated clearance. Have an alternative plan and a suitable decision point if you do not receive clearance, or are unable to call prior to entering controlled airspace.

A map displaying the airspace infringement hotspots along the coastal corridor and at Adventure World
Published date: 12 July 2022
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