Designated aviation ophthalmologists (DAO) conditions of appointment

Conditions of appointment under Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 67

  1. Designation is for a period of 4 years unless earlier terminated, and is renewable.
  2. Designation lapses if the aviation medical examiner ceases to practise in the locality for which he/she is designated.
  3. Designation does not extend to the DAO's partners, assistants or locums unless written consent from the CASA Director of Aviation Medicine/Principal Medical Officer is obtained in advance of the requirement.
  4. The DAO is required:
    1. to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner and in accordance with the Australian Medical Association's Code of Ethics (details of which are available from the Association's website)
    2. to be satisfied as to the identity of each applicant
    3. to examine personally each application presenting for examination
    4. to devote such time and skill to the examination of applicants as is necessary to elicit a careful history and to conduct a full and thorough ophthalmic examination
    5. at the conclusion of each medical examination to forward the report to CASA promptly
    6. to keep informed of, and follow the relevant standards, techniques and administrative procedures associated with ophthalmological examinations detailed in The DAME Handbook and in the DAME Newsletter published by CASA on its website
    7. to notify CASA if absent from active practice for more than 4 weeks
    8. to notify CASA of any change of address, of contact details, or of cessation of practice
    9. to acknowledge CASA’s right to terminate Designation should the DAO conduct himself/herself in a manner that is detrimental to the interests of CASA or breach any of these conditions of appointment
    10. to authorise CASA to publish in the DAME Newsletter and the CASA website the DAO’s cessation of practice, resignation of appointment as a DAO or termination of appointment as a DAO by CASA
    11. to authorise the regulatory authority of any ICAO Contracting State that designated or designates the DAO to disclose to CASA information about the DAO's performance and competence as a medical examiner
    12. to authorise CASA to disclose to the regulatory authority of another ICAO contracting state that designates medical examiners for that state that has designated the DAO or to which the DAO has applied to be designated, information about the DAO's performance as an ophthalmologist examiner.
    13. DAO’s are required to make available premises and documentation for inspection by CASA consistent with s.9(1)(f).
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4 Dec 2021
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