Roles and responsibilities of DAMEs and DAOs

Aerospace medicine professionals examine pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation industry personnel who require medical certification. Medical examinations are to ensure aviation personal meet the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 1988, Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

Aerospace medicine professionals

As an approved practitioner, you are accountable to the CASA Principal Medical Officer (PMO). The PMO oversees the administration of the aviation medicine system.

The medical professionals who examine aviation personnel are:

  • Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs)
  • Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAOs)
  • Credentialed Optometrists (COs).

You must apply to become a DAME or DAO.

Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs)

DAMEs conduct medical examinations and issue certificates for fitness to return to flying under CASR Part 67.

As a DAME, you:

  • personally conduct the applicants medical examination
  • discuss the applicant’s medical history and medical record with the applicant
  • refer applicants for follow-up testing when required
  • respond to questions from applicants about their illness or medical conditions.

You must send relevant information to CASA within a reasonable period of time. Usually not more than 14 days after you examine the patient.

You are also expected to:

  • undertake appropriate aviation medicine continuing professional development (CPD)
  • read the Examiner Newsletter and all correspondence from the Office of Aviation Medicine
  • familiarise yourself with the DAME Handbook and CASR Part 67
  • abide by the AMA code of conduct
  • advise CASA of any changes to contact details, location and availability.

You must comply with all the conditions outlined in DAME conditions of appointment.

Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAOs)

The DAO conditions of appointment outlines the responsibilities and requirements as a DAO under CASR Part 67.

Credentialed Optometrists (COs)

Credentialed Optometrists (COs) are approved to perform all examinations usually carried out by DAOs.

Optometry Australia provides the training, administration and oversight of these COs. They also oversee the application process to become a CO and maintain their credentials.

To apply to become a CO, or for more information, visit Optometry Australia.

DAME delegate for the issue of class 2 medical certificates

A DAME may issue a Class 2 medical certificate to an applicant if the DAME (a DAME delegate) holds a current instrument of delegation from CASA permitting it.

The process for a DAME delegate to issue a medical certificate is set out in Chapter 12 of the DAME Handbook. The instrument of delegation may only be used for Class 2 medical certificates OR Class 2 as part of Class 1. Only CASA may assess for, and issue, Class 1 and Class 3 medical certificates.

If you want to become a DAME delegate for the issue of class 2 medical certificates, access the AviationWorx eLearning system through online services.

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