Maintaining your designation

You must comply with all conditions of your appointment to maintain your designation. This applies to:

  • designated aviation medical examiners (DAMEs)
  • designated aviation ophthalmologists (DAOs).

For more information on roles and responsibilities, see the DAME conditions of appointment and the DAO conditions of appointment.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

You need a minimum of 6 hours of aerospace medicine professional development per year to be current as a DAME. Along with your minimum 6 hours, you also need to attend at least 1 of the following conferences within a 3 year period:

  • Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM) annual conference
  • International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM) conference
  • Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) conference.

As a DAME, you are expected to attend at least one CASA Avmed regulatory update alongside the international conference in that 3-year period. This only applies where an international meeting other than ASAM is used for this 3-year requirement.

This is to make sure you remain updated on current Australian aviation medicine and regulatory issues. This is in addition to the clinical aerospace medicine content of the conference.

Applying for re-designation

DAMEs and DAOs must apply for re-designation at least one month before their current designation expires. The date of expiry is detailed on your certificate of designation.

We will email you a reminder to renew one month before expiry.

If you fail to reapply, we may:

To reapply, complete and submit

Ensure that you complete all areas of the form include:

  • a passport sized colour photograph
  • Evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD), either Aviation Medicine Education CPD or RANZCO CPD
  • Evidence of current medical registration.

Update your contact details

You must notify us of any changes to your contact details. This is a condition of your appointment under CASR Part 67.

This includes any change in your:

  • practice location(s) or postal address
  • email
  • fax or phone numbers.

If we can’t contact you, we will mark your file as inactive and remove you from our from our list of medical and eye examiners.

To notify us of any change, contact us.

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12 Jul 2023
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