Austroads standard medical for pilots

Any medical practitioner, including general practitioners (GPs), can assess some applicants against the Austroads commercial driving standard. This only for some simple types of private flying.

Also read Basic Class 2 medical certificate fact sheet for medical practitioners (PDF 1.26 MB).

The Austroads medical standard

Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC) detail the medical standards for commercial driver licencing. While developed to assess people driving heavy vehicles, we can also accept it for some simple types of private flying.

For more information about the standard, read Austroad's publication Assessing Fitness to Drive (Part B: Medical Standards).

How to apply the Austroad medical standard

We provide the Austroad forms to the applicant when they apply for a medical certificate.

The forms follow the format of the Austroads commercial driver standard.

The way in which you assess a pilot against the standard is the same as the way in which you would assess any commercial driver, such as a taxi or bus driver.

The process is:

  1. the applicant will present to you with the CASA version of the application form
  2. you examine the applicant
  3. you complete the forms during your examination, then retain a copy
  4. the applicant will finalise their application online and print the certificate.

If you determine the applicant meets the standard unconditionally, with the exception of glasses and hearing aids, the applicant will finalise their application online and print the certificate.

Applicants who don’t meet the Austroad standard

If the applicant doesn’t meet the Austroads commercial driving standard unconditionally, they may still be able to apply for another class of medical certificate.

In this case, they must find a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). The DAME will conduct a more detailed examination, in line with the requirements of the class of medical certificate they need.

Last updated:
9 Dec 2021
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