Radio use in Jandakot

Automatic terminal information service

Automatic terminal information service (ATIS) is available on frequency 128.65 (aerodrome control tower [TWR] hours only) or by telephone at 08 9476 8755.

It broadcasts the following information, in order:

  1. aerodrome ('Jandakot Terminal Information')
  2. runway
  3. wind
  4. crosswind
  5. visibility
  6. cloud
  7. temperature
  8. QNH
  9. other information if required (for example, bird activity or showers in the area).

ATC transmission feedback

The following components of an ATC transmission require accurate readback:

  1. an ATC route clearance in its entirety, and any amendments
  2. en route holding instructions
  3. any route and holding point specified in a taxi clearance
  4. any clearances, conditional clearances or instructions to hold short of, enter, land on, line-up on, wait, take-off from, cross, taxi or backtrack on any runway
  5. any approach clearance
  6. assigned runway, altimeter settings directed to specific aircraft, radio and radio navigation aid frequency instructions
  7. SSR codes, data link logon codes
  8. level instructions, direction of turn, heading and speed instructions.

Taxi clearance request: ground frequency 124.3

Before calling surface movement control, check that your radio receiver is functioning correctly and obtain the current ATIS. The preferred method for checking your radio is to monitor the ATIS.

This is the order of broadcasts. The items in brackets will be dependent on your circumstance.

Initial call

  1. Jandakot ground
  2. (Your aircraft type and callsign)
  3. (Persons on board)
  4. (Dual or solo if applicable)
  5. Received (ATIS) at (location on airfield e.g. GA),
  6. departure via (exit point)
  7. Request taxi

Read back

  1. Cleared to taxi
  2. Runway (the runway)
  3. Via taxiway (taxi route details)
  4. Cross or hold at (holding point instructions)
  5. (Your callsign)

Start approval request: ground frequency 124.3

Start approval is required for fixed wing aircraft conducting circuit training operations during tower hours.

Initial call

  1. Jandakot ground
  2. (Your callsign)
  3. at (location on airfield)
  4. Received (ATIS)
  5. request start for circuits

Read back

  1. Cleared to start or expect a delay of (time period)
  2. (Your callsign)

Holding point crossing clearance: ground frequency 124.3

Initial call

  1. Jandakot ground
  2. (Your aircraft callsign)
  3. Request cross holding point (Your holding point identifier)

Read back

  1. Cross or hold holding point (Your holding point identifier)
  2. (Your callsign)

Take-off clearance request: tower frequency 118.1 or 119.4 (depending on runway used)

Initial call

  1. Jandakot Tower
  2. (Your callsign)
  3. Ready runway (runway number)
  4. For departure
  5. (East, south, west)

Read back

  1. Cleared for take-off runway
  2. (Runway identifier)
  3. (Left or right turn, maintain runway heading)
  4. (Your callsign)


Published date: 12 July 2022
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