Coastal lane

When heading southbound in the coastal lane, ensure you remain over water at all times as northbound aircraft will be tracking over land. The Pearce airspace starts just 2 nm inland. Northbound traffic should be aware of this and not travel too far inland and be below 4,000 ft by Cervantes and 2,000 ft by Lancelin. Approaching Mullaloo Point, commence your descent to below 1,500 ft to stay clear of the Perth CTA step. This is an area of high numbers of violations of controlled airspace.

A map of the coastal route north of Perth
An aerial view of the Alkimos water treatment plant, looking east
Alkimos water
An aerial view of Burns Beach
Burns Beach
Aerial view of Mullaloo point, looking south
Looking south towards Mullaloo point

Aircraft within 36 nautical miles of Perth should monitor Perth Centre 135.25 whenever able. This service is available for traffic, position and navigation advisories or Flight Following if available dependent on controller workload.

A map of Perth airspace west, showing the route along the coast west of Perth
Aerial view of Observation City
Observation City
Aerial view of City Beach
City Beach
Aerial view of Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach
Published date: 12 July 2022
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