Medical certification for ATPL holders over age 60

For applicants aged over 60, the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) medical certification process becomes more involved.

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 1 (section determines that applicants must sit medical examinations every 6 months.

There are also other testing requirements for specific age milestones.

The information on this page will help DAMEs and ATPL holders aged over 60 and to:

  • navigate the over 60 ATPL medical certification process
  • avoid unnecessary tests and the potential associated costs.

Applicants should also see our page on Airline Transport Pilot Licenses (ATPLs). For further aviation medicine (AvMed) enquiries, contact us.

Medical examinations for over 60 ATPL holders

Medical examinations at each milestone are considered either 'major' or 'minor'.

For your examinations, applicants must find aerospace medicine professionals.

This includes:

  • designated aviation medical examiners (DAMEs)
  • designated aviation ophthalmologists (DAOs).

Applicants must also find other medical specialists as advised by us or their DAME or DAO.

Major medical

The first medical after a 60th birthday is the 'major' medical.

Applications must include:

  • medical questionnaire and examination form
  • resting ECG trace
  • serum lipids and blood glucose levels (if glucose levels are 5.5 or above, applicants will need to sit a glucose tolerance test)
  • calculated coronary risk index (CRI) score that the DAME completes (if the CRI score is 15 or above, we will require the results of a stress ECG)
  • audiology hearing thresholds every 5 years
  • ophthalmological review every 2 years.

If applicable, the application must also include any CASA Surveillance Requirements (CSR). Note that CSR is an administrative flag only. It notes that specified information must be reviewed at the next medical. It's not a restriction of privileges.

If all of this information is satisfactory and within regulations, we'll issue a commercial class 1 medical for 1 year. However, it will include a special restriction. It will state that ATPL privileges will only be valid for 6 months from the anniversary date.

Minor medical

Within 28 days prior to that special restriction date, applicants must sit a 'minor' medical. Minor medicals are much less in-depth than major medicals.

Requirements for minor medicals include:

  • medical questionnaire and examination form
  • any 6 monthly requirements as per CSRs.

If all of this information is satisfactory and within regulations, we'll issue a Commercial Class 1 medical again for 1 year. ATPL privileges will extend for 6 more months.

Valid medical tests and specialist reports

Specialist reports required for medical certificate must be less than 90 days old at the time of the medical. Otherwise, it will not be valid for use in the aviation medical application.

We recommend that any specialist reports required for medical certification are done within 3 months before the medical is due.

Example scenarios for over 60 ATPL applicants

The 2 scenarios below help explain some types of situations. These apply to some cases where birthdays and medical anniversaries don't align and may result in confusion.

Anniversary date more than 6 months after your 60th birthday

If a medical anniversary date falls more than 6 months after your 60th birthday, applicants must complete 2 major medicals in a row. This is because the medical 6 months later will be the first medical after the 61st birthday, therefore also a major medical.

We will always consider the first medical after a birthday a 'major' medical. If for some reason dates fall out of sync, it would be beneficial to sit 2 'major' medicals in a row to get back in sync. This will cause less confusion for the applicant and the DAME.

Applicants on a CSR

If you have been put on a CSR, we'll issue your 'major' medical certificate for 12 months (CPL) and your ATPL for 6 months.

However, when applying for a minor medical and on a CSR, the ATPL validity date will only be valid for the remaining 6 months of the Class 1 medical certificate. No further validity will be given to the CPL.

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7 Dec 2021
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