Jandakot ground operations

Due to multiple runways, a parallel runway, multiple apron areas and a diversity of aircraft types, ground operations at Jandakot must be conducted correctly and safely to minimise the risk of runway incursions and other ground incidents. There are several runway incursion hotspots at Jandakot that pilots MUST be aware of (see diagram). Pilots should make a thorough study of the apron map and plan their taxi routes accordingly. If in any doubt while taxiing, contact ATC and clarify the situation.

Aerial view of Jandakot aerodrome
A taxiway holding point at Jandakot aerodrome, seen from the ground
Look for holding points and get clearance prior to crossing
A manoeuvring map of Jandakot aerodrome, detailing the position of its runways and taxiways


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Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//jandakot-ground-operations
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