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Conditional RA (Restricted Area) status

The status of restricted areas (RAs) appears in the DAH and ERSA and is presented in a table on the VTC/VNC. This status indicates which types of restricted airspace it is possible to get a clearance through. NOTAMS are issued to list activation times and levels for military restricted airspace and MUST ALWAYS be consulted before flights through these areas to avoid airspace infringements.

RA conditional status legend

  • RA1: Pilots may flight plan through the RA and, under normal circumstances, expect a clearance from ATC.
  • RA2: Pilots must not flight plan through the RA unless on a route specified in ERSA GEN FPR, or by agreement with the Department of Defence. However, a clearance from ATC is not assured. Other tracking may be offered through the RA on a tactical basis.
  • RA3: Pilots must not flight plan through the RA and clearances will not be available.

Numerous restricted military areas surround Perth and Jandakot. Most of these areas are associated with flying training operations from RAAF Base Pearce (e.g. R155A), but several are associated with live firing of military weapons, including naval ship-to-shore gunnery. It is imperative that pilots check NOTAMS to assess the active state of these areas. Military airspace is activated by NOTAM and may become active at short notice. Check the status prior to going flying and, if in doubt while airborne, check with ATC on the frequency you are on. R155A is one of the airspace infringement hotspots in the Perth area (see following section of this document). Aircraft transiting the coastal route north or south need to be aware of its proximity. Proper planning using correct charts and current NOTAMS will help prevent airspace incursions. Also, always have your transponder turned on and monitor the correct radio frequency for the area.

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